Why don't the animations behave as they should?
The most likely cause is an older version of the Adobe Flash™ plug-in is installed on your computer. To solve this problem download the latest (free) Flash™ player from adobe.com by clicking on the logo below.
Can I open several animations at once?
Every time a link to an animation is clicked it will appear in a new window. Any animations already open will remain open. This allows the user to quickly switch between animations. This of course means that all the windows will have to be closed in turn at the end of the session.
Why are the animations stretched or distorted?
With certain computers, particularly wide-screen laptops, the display settings can give a 'stretched' appearance to some of the animations. This can be quicky resolved by changing the display settings of the computer.
Can I download Flash animations to run on my computer?

All the material on this site is free to use for non-commercial, educational use. In some cases Internet access may be a problem and in such circumstances in might be wise to download the Flash animations and play them on a stand alone computer. The way that this can be done can be found on this site by following the link below.

Downloading Flash Files

Why do the animations need to be clicked before any interactivity?

This is due to well publiscised changes to the latest versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer. There is no way round this at present other than to use an alternative browser such as Mozilla Firefox which is free of the problem.

Download Mozilla Firefox

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